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All Flower Crochet Patterns

5 Petal Flower

6 Petal Picot Flower

6 Petal Flower - Classic

Anne's Fleurette

Bloom Lace Flower

Bullion Stitch Flower

Easy Lacy Shamrock

Grace's Flower

How to Crochet Grace's Flowers Together

Little Leaves Braid

Loop Petal Flower

Magic Ring Flower

Overlapping 6 Petal Flower


Ridge Edge Flower

Riffle Ruffle Flower

Vintage Flower

Vintage Flower Octagon

Whirly Flower Crochet Pattern


All Heart Patterns

2-Round Heart

Basic Crochet Heart

Basic Crochet Heart Gallery

Classic Heart Appliqué

Heart Baby Blanket

Heart Blanket - Stripeless

Lacy Heart Garland

My Tiny Heart


All Square Patterns

4 Petal Flower Square

4 Petal Flower Square - how to join your squares

4 Petal Flower Square - loopy edging instructions

Cosmic Crochet Square

Solomon's Knot Square


All Appliqué Patterns

4 Point Picot Star or Cross



Penny Farthing

Pearly Picot Star

Silver Star

Steampunk Gear Wheel

Summer Sun

Coasters and Doilies

All Coaster and Doily Patterns

Cosmic Coaster

Flowery Cosmic Coaster

Lacy Coaster

Lacy Doily

Rep Doily

Royal Coaster

X Coaster


All Blanket Patterns

Easy Baby Blanket

Heart Baby Blanket


All Jewelry Patterns

Bead bracelet

Buttonbraid bracelet

Chain stitch bracelet

Chainlace bracelet

Empress Matilda bracelet

Fleurette brooch

Fleurette necklace

Braids and Garlands

All Braids and Garlands

Bobble braids

Easy chain braids

Lacy heart garland

Little leaves

Shamrock garland

More Patterns

Solomon's Knot scarf

Tips and Techniques

All Tips and Techniques

How to crochet a magic ring

How to crochet around a leaf

How to join crochet squares

How to join Grace's flowers

How to make crochet cards

How to organize crochet supplies

The joy of stitch markers


All Stitches

Slip stitch

Single crochet = UK dc

Double crochet = UK tr

Half double crochet = UK htr

Bobble stitch

Bullion Stitch

Solomon's knots


All vintage pages

Tidy pattern

Vintage flower

Vintage flower octagon


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