Loopy Loop Slip Stitched

Loopy Loop Slip Stitched is just that! The same as the Loopy Loop flower but worked with slip stitches around each petal to create something very pretty indeed!

A white slip stitched crochet flower with six petals


Only slip stitches and chains again for this flower :)

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Loopy Loop Slip Stitched Pattern

Round 1 - Loopy Loop:

ch 12, ss into 12th ch from hook; (ch 11, ss into same ch) 5 times.

Round 2 - Slip Stitches:

You can count your slip stitches as you go around the petals so that you don’t miss a stitch! There are 11 slip stitches to work for each petal.

*ss into the 1st ch of the next loop and into each ch around*; repeat from * to * around each loop.

Tie off and join up by weaving the tail end around the back, starting at the bottom of the 1st loop.