Crochet Square Patterns

Not a lot of crochet square patterns on the site yet - but more to come, I promise.

The difficult thing about designing a square is to keep the shape... square! But I enjoy the challenge, and now I'm glad to share these patterns with you.

Let's start with my latest squares which are an extended version of one of my coasters:

The Cosmic Crochet Square

This square starts with the five rounds of the Cosmic Coaster. On the Cosmic Square page, I show you how to add rounds for a plain or lacy edging, take your pick!

Yellow, red and blue square
A green, pink and yellow square, surrounded by lacy pink work


4 Petal Flower Square

This flower square has a plain edge for joining to other squares (if you wish) - or a frill edge for something very pretty:

pink 4 petal flower surrounded by green and a plain grey edge
the square surrounded by a frillier edging

Find out how to join your plain-edged squares together:

4 flower squares joined together

I also had a bit of fun - check out the instructions on how to add a loopy edging to your square!

I also like this pattern worked in one color:

A 4 petal square worked all in cream, with loops worked round the edge


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