Crochet Patterns and Tutorials by Claire from Crochet Leaf!

Crochet patterns take up quite a lot of my free time - thinking them up, writing them down, changing stuff, making mistakes, getting them right... but I love this adventure!

I'm always on the lookout for fun stuff to crochet, be it flowers, little appliqués, braids, that kind of thing - often small projects that produce an attractive, useable item. Or maybe something more exotic, something a little different. Sometimes, of course, I get the "blanket bug" - if you know what I mean ;)

So on this site you'll find some of my own crochet ideas and designs, as well as stitch instructions, suggestions for increasing your knowledge of the craft, and all kinds of wonders that I hope will inspire you.

As with most things in life, this site is a work in progress :)

Most popular: Basic Crochet Heart

A pink crochet heart

Latest free crochet patterns

The Rep Doily

18 rounds of repeated stitches in different sizes, worked in one color or a variety of shades. It's a fun pattern to work!

This piece is crocheted in thread, but you could use another yarn of your choice, of course.


Royal Coaster

This is a slightly more complicated crochet pattern, but well worth it!

I provide plenty of photos, and if you don't have any gold thread, I show you how to make this using one kind of yarn.


Flowery Cosmic Coaster

The coaster pictured is made out of sports-weight yarn (Lion Brand Bonbons.) It's a circular variation of the coaster below.


The Cosmic Coaster

Crocheted in 5 rounds, this Cosmic Coaster is made from Lion Brand 24/7 cotton, worsted weight.

If you'd like to extend this pattern you can make the Cosmic Square, and add a plain or lacy border!


The X Coaster!

Something a bit different here - a kind of square-ish octagon!

This crochet pattern has 8 rounds and is made in two colors of the same yarn.

Other bits 'n bobs!

I've been busy writing up patterns that have been sitting in my notebooks for quite some time!

The next pattern will feature Solomon's Knots :)

Then all I have to do is figure out my C2C instructions, work up a scarf, reconsider a blanket that I was working on (and didn't work out, oh dear!) and finish off a couple of other pieces that never ever seem to get finished - I'm sure you know the feeling.

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Thanks for visiting me here - and as ever, I wish you... A Fab Time Crocheting!

Claire from Crochet Leaf