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Crochet patterns take up quite a lot of my free time - thinking them up, writing them down, changing stuff, making mistakes, getting them right...but I love this adventure!

I'm always on the lookout for fun stuff to crochet, be it flowers, little appliqués, braids, that kind of thing - often small projects that produce an attractive, useable item. Or maybe something more exotic, something a little different.

Check out my Pattern Gallery with pictures of all my designs - all the patterns are *free* :)


...And the most popular pattern on the site is...

Basic Crochet Heart!

A pink crochet heart


Check out my latest heart pattern:

Magic Heart!

pink magic heart



Crochet Flower Combos

36 new flower patterns that can be combined into fantastic multi-piece designs!

Try Something New ;)

Solomon's Knot Square

Looks complicated - but isn't :)

I've just added a couple of touches to make the corners a little more square than they usually are with this stitch.

Makes a sweet mat for your houseplant - or you could extend the pattern for a table runner or scarf.


Grace's Flower

This pattern is such fun to work - only three rounds and you end up with a lovely little addition for something special. Join your pieces together to create a truly original little centerpiece.

six petal flower in dark pink
crochet flowers joined together


Other bits 'n bobs!

Well. Things are tough right now with this virus and people under lockdown. I'm just hunkering down by the sea and updating my site, trying out some new can imagine.

One of my new projects are my twig trees - OK, I only have one done at the moment, and that was for Christmas, but another idea for decorating your twigs is in the works. Love thinking about it!

Christmas twig tree

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