Longleaf - or long petals! This crochet piece lends itself to the addition of one or more other flowers or stems to make a truly delightful creation.

Pastel purple flower with elegantly shaped leaves or petals


sc (UK dc)

dc (UK tr)

trc (UK dtr) - yo twice, insert hook into st, yo, pull yarn through st; (yo, pull yarn through 2 loops) 3 times.

Longleaf Pattern

Leaf 1: ch 10.

*Ss into 2nd ch from hook, ch 1; sc into next ch, 1 dc into each of next 2 ch;

trc into next ch, (1trc, 1dc) into next ch; dc into next ch, sc into next ch*

Ss into last ch. This last ch is your home stitch.

Leaves 2 - 6: ch 9, repeat from * to * for each leaf as above, completing each leaf with a ss into home.

Tip: the home stitch is the chain just next to your slip knot, a little tricky to find for the second leaf - I just pull the tail end a little to show me where that chain is :)

Tie off; weave this end into the base at the back of the 1st leaf and around the center.

In my cotton yarn, the leaves are a little curly once I've finished, but a light iron on the reverse brings out the shape beautifully!