Crochet Heart Patterns

My crochet heart patterns include appliqués, a heart blanket, as well as a braid/garland.

I love the shape of a heart, and it is extremely satisfying to crochet!

Let's start with a very popular pattern - the Basic Heart:

Basic Crochet Heart

Find out how to crochet this wonderful little heart shape! It's the most popular pattern on my site :)

It's quite easy and ever so effective. You can add a little hanger if you like, and put it by your computer, on a backpack, in the car...

Thanks to a lovely visitor to the site we now have this pattern in Norwegian :)

Norwegian version: Heklet Hjerte!

Also check out my Basic Heart Gallery with lots of pictures of this heart made up in different yarns and weights.

Pink Basic Crochet Heart


New! Magic Heart

A very pretty one-round pattern starting with a magic ring, I think you'll really enjoy crocheting this piece.

magic heart


Classic Crochet Heart Appliqué

Four rounds and two colors make up this lovely heart that has a picot point at the bottom.

All you need are two colors of the same yarn, although there's nothing to stop you working this in one color, of course.

Classic Heart with light pink middle and purple edging


2-Round Heart

A little circle of 6 sc (UK dc) then a second round of shaping.

Quick and easy-peasy!

A 2-Round dark pink heart


My Tiny Crochet Heart

A sweet and satisfying one-rounder that I think you'll love to bits!

Add a bead to the picot at the bottom if you've got the "bead bug" - and don't they look jolly in lots of colors?

A set of little hearts


A Lacy Heart Garland

This heart garland is, I can modestly say, an incredibly interesting pattern!

It has bobbles, a few basic stitches, and the heart shape suddenly leaps out of nowhere!

I guarantee you'll spend the first couple of minutes wondering whether that first heart is ever going to appear :)

But it does. Phew! And from then on, this pretty braid-style garland works up fairly quickly.

White and a coral heart-shaped garlands


Heart Baby Blanket

Here's a sweet - and not too complicated - heart shaped blanket, crocheted in dc (UK tr) and with a pretty edging.

Full instructions and photo tutorial help you create your own unique baby blanket!

A heart-shaped crochet blanket