Picot Edge Coaster

My Picot Edge Coaster is crocheted in 4 rounds and works up nice and quickly!

This one is worked in Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton® Yarn, worsted weight, with a 4.00 mm hook.

It measures exactly 5 inches or 12.5 cm across:

Picot Edge Coaster in crimson

Picot Edge Coaster Pattern


sc = UK dc

tr = UK dtr

Round 1: Make a magic ring (see how to crochet the magic ring here.)

Ch 4; work 15 tr into the ring.

Tighten ring gently, ensuring the stitches look neat; ss into top of 4 ch.

End of Round 1 with 15 tr worked into magic ringEnd of Round 1


Round 2: I don't chain one at the start of this round by the way, to keep things neat :)

So: sc into space between 4 ch and 1st tr of previous round:

Working the first scSc worked in space between 4 ch and 1st tr of last round

(Ch 4, sc in between next 2 stitches) 15 times, working your last sc between the last tr and the 4 ch.

Ch 4, ss into 1st sc. (16 loops worked.)

Four chains made and working the second sc4 ch and sc worked into next space
End of Round 2 with 16 loops around the circleEnd of Round 2


Round 3: ss into 1st 4-ch loop; ch 1. (sc, ch 3, sc) into same loop.

(sc, ch 3, sc) into each of next 15 loops.

Join with a ss into 1st sc.

End of Round 3End of Round 3


Round 4: Ss into 1st 3-ch loop, ch 1, sc into same loop.

(ch 6; ss into 6th ch from hook; ch 2, sc into next 3-ch loop) 15 times.

Last picot: ch 6, ss into 6th ch from hook; ch 2, ss into 1st sc.

Joining with a slip stitch at the end of the last roundSs into the 1st sc to join - all done!

Now weave in your ends, working the tail end down the back to the center of the piece so that I can sew it in more easily; then make sure your starting end from the magic ring is sewn in securely around the middle too.