Crochet Jewelry Patterns

My crochet jewelry patterns include bracelets and a necklace with matching brooch!

Buttonbraid Bracelet

My 10 step photo tutorial shows you how to crochet a delightful braided bracelet with a button attachment.

Pink Buttonbraid bracelet


Chainlace Bracelet

Chains and slip stitches - a button - or add beads, too!

Such a fun pattern - check out the full photo tutorial.

pink chainlace bracelet


The Empress Matilda Bracelet

Use a small amount of yarn and some pearly white beads to create this right-royal bracelet, excellent for adults, wonderful for the smaller folk.

I worked a magic ring at the start, then finished the bracelet by joining to the ring and weaving my ends into it - so no unsightly knots or yarn ends!

Pink Empress Matilda Bracelet with beads


Chain Stitch Bracelet

Super easy and great to whip up for kids and their guests!

Simple cream chain bracelet


Bead Bracelet

Chains and beads create a pretty, decorative bracelet. Use a bead to tighten/loosen the bracelet!

Lilac chain bracelet with little beads


The Fleurette Brooch

Three flowers combine to make this brooch - two flowers use the same pattern, the third is the same idea but more petals!

Crocheted brooch with 3 flowers


The Fleurette Necklace

Attach your Fleurette brooch to a length of chain to make a necklace :)

A 3-flower brooch on a chain necklace