Sorting my Vintage Crochet Books

Do you love looking through vintage crochet books or mags?

So do I!

And I've built up a small collection, which I enjoy browsing through. I've put some pix below.

One thing I want to do is crochet at least one item from each of my books/mags if possible - usually there is a motif I think I can do, for example, or a little edging.

I'll update this page once I've made something :)

(I've been stuck on one motif for over a month as the instructions aren't clear...)

Meanwhile, here are some photos of my collection:

The Home Art Crochet Book

The Home Art Crochet Book

Published in 1912 in London by "The Office of the Girl's Own Paper and Women's Magazine," this is the first book I encountered that was written or edited by Flora Klickmann.

The Cult of the Needle

Flora edited this one, too - its from around 1914 as far as I've read - and inside there are descriptions of all kinds of lacework - no detailed patterns, but rather an overview of the whole craft.

Stitchery No.3

Fascinating info here - words of wisdom about life in general, tops for pincushions, ideas for bags with pictures "for the Clever Worker to Copy" - slippers, lace, beads - the list goes on and on! There's no date on my copy unfortunately.

Weldon's Motif Crochet Leaflet

Some wonderful designs in this small leaflet, which I think is from the late 1930s.

There is a round motif made in two parts - interesting! Plus pyramid and wheel motifs, and a filet flower square.

Cronit Star of Bethlehem Motif

Going by the decimal price, I think this leaflet may be from the early 1970s.