Dragontail Baby :)

A variation of Dragontail, but with quite a different look to it! The tails form a pleasing hexagon shape. The holes in the tails let you thread parts of other flowers through them and you can add a middle to complete the effect. You could even combine this flower with Dragontail :)

Light blue six petal flower


sc (UK dc)

dc (UK tr)

Dragontail Baby Pattern

Round 1 - Center Circle:

ch 4, 11 dc into 4th ch from hook;

skip starting 4 ch and sc into 1st dc to join.

SM this sc if you like as we will join into it at the end of Round 2.

Round 2 - Tails:

*ch 3, 2 sc into 2nd ch from hook;

ch 3, 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook;

ch 3, 2 sc into 2nd ch from hook.

Ch 1, ss into same st on center circle where you began the tail**;

sc into each of next 2 sts*

Repeat from * to * 4 times so that you have five tails.

Sixth tail: work from * to ** then ss into the next st which is your joining sc from Round 1.

Tie off; weave this end into the back of the base of the 1st tail and around the center.