Vintage Crochet Flower Pattern

This vintage crochet flower is worked in four rounds and has eight petals, each with a little picot on top! They make very pretty coasters:

Pink vintage crochet flowerPatons DK 100% Cotton 4 ply, worked with a 3 mm hook, measures 4"/10 cm across.
White and pink flower crocheted in threadThread weight flower crocheted with a 1.75 mm hook, measures 3¼"/8½ cm across.

The piece below has picots made with 5 ch instead of 3. I certainly loved making this one as the yarn was a dream to work with:

Flower with 5 ch picotsSusan Crawford "Coquette" 4 ply Vintage Cotton with a 3 mm hook; measures 5"/13 cm across.

I couldn't resist adding a border to to make what I call... the Vintage Crochet Flower Octagon! You'll find the whole pattern written out on its very own page:

Three color octagon crochet flower

The flower is based on a nine-petal vintage design that I liked in this pretty little mat a friend of mine gave me from her heirloom collection:

Vintage flower mat with nine petal flower

Vintage Flower Pattern & Tutorial

Round 1

I'm using USA terminology in this pattern, so for this round, dc = UK treble :)

Ch 5, ss into 5th ch from hook to form a ring, ch 5, 1 dc into ring.

(ch 2, 1 dc into ring) 6 times, ch 2, ss into 3rd of 5 ch to join:

First round of stitches joinedFirst round of stitches joined.


Round 2

For the rest of the pattern, trc = dtr in UK terms.

Ss into 1st 2 ch space. Ch 4, 3 trc into same space:

Four stitches into first spaceFour stitches (including 4 ch) into 1st space.

(ch 2, 4 trc into next space) 7 times, ch 2, ss into top of 4 ch to join.

32 sts (including the 4 ch at the start) and eight 2 ch spaces :

Round 2 completedCompleted round 2.

If you'd like to change color, tie off here. Draw your thread through the same chain you slip stitched into, then continue with round 3 and the slip stitch:

Draw thread through chainDraw new color thread through the chain...
Slip stitch into space belowStart Round 3, slip stitching into space below.


Round 3

Ss into space between 4 ch and 1st trc, ch 4, 1 trc into same space.

2 trc into each of next 2 spaces between the trc stitches. We now have 6 stitches (including the 4 ch) sitting on top of the 3 spaces formed by the 4 trc in the round below:

Round 3 - first set of stitchesTwo stitches worked into each of 3 spaces.

To finish the round: (ch 2, skip 2 ch space, 2 trc into each of the next three spaces between the trc stitches) 7 times.

Ch 2, ss into top of 4 ch to join.

We now have 48 trc stitches and 8 spaces of 2 ch.

Completed round 3.End of round 3.


Round 4

Ss into space between 4 ch and 1st trc, ch 4.

trc5tog into the next 4 spaces between the trc stitches of the previous round, working as follows:

1 stitch next space, 2 stitches next space, 1 stitch into next, 1 stitch next - 6 loops on hook, yarn over, pull through all loops.

First cluster of stitches worked togetherFirst cluster worked.

Picot: ch 3 (or, if you prefer, ch 5 for a larger picot as I did for one of my pieces) - then ss into loop holding cluster together - this is the back loop of your first chain, which I have stitch-marked:

3 chain for picotChain 3...
ss into back loop of 3 into back loop of 1st ch

Ch 6, ss into 2 ch space:

ss into 2 ch spaceSs worked into 2 ch space

*Ch 6, trc6tog into the spaces between the next set of trc stitches working thus:

1 stitch into 1st space between 1st 2 trc - 1 stitch into next space, 2 stitches next space, 1 stitch next space, 1 stitch next space - 7 loops on hook, yarn over, pull through all loops.

2nd cluster worked2nd cluster - 1 st into each of 1st two spaces, 2 sts into middle space, 1 st worked into each of next two spaces.

Work a picot.

Ch 6, ss into 2 ch space* - two clusters done.

Repeat from * to * 6 times.

Ch 6, ss into the little space below your first picot to join:

Joining with a ss into the space below the picotJoining with a ss into the space below the picot.

Weave this tail end through the same little space to the back of the flower, then weave in securely.

Needle weaving in endWeave through the same space you ss into.

And now you might like to make the Vintage Crochet Flower Octagon:

A two-color octagon made in sports weight yarn and a 3 mm hook, next to my thread weight flower.