Pull Up Loops

Pull Up Loops is fragile but fun! It's decorative but not very stable in that I wouldn't recommend you use it for any project where you want to wash the item or where the item will be used a lot as the loops would most likely not retain their shape.

Green flower with 6 big green loopy petals


Sc (UK dc)

Pull Up Loops Pattern

Try and keep your loops the same size - unless you want to try alternate big and small loops, for example!

I have added some photos below the pattern :)

Round 1 - Center Circle:

ch 2; 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook; join with ss into 1st sc.

SM this ss as we finish into here at the end of the next round.

Round 2 - Loops:

ch 1; sc into 1st st where you have just joined.

*Pull up a long loop;

remove hook from loop, insert hook into next st on Center Circle;

yo, pull yarn through st, ch 1, sc into same st*

Repeat from * to * 4 times so you have 5 loops.

You’ll notice that when you pull your yarn through and work your 1 ch, the loop you’ve just worked may want to get smaller :)

If so, loosen your tension a little more, pull the loop back to the size you want and continue.

I also find keeping a finger on the sc under the previous loop stops it moving about.

Pull up your 6th loop. Remove hook from loop, insert hook into the joining ss from the last round where your SM is; pull yarn through st, ch 1.

Tying off: take care not to pull out the last loop when you tie off! Snip the yarn and use your hook to gently pull this working end through the final chain and tighten it. If you pull the yarn too hard, your last loop will come undone. Weave that end securely into the back.

Making the Loop :)

Here's how to make your first loop!

1. ch 1, sc into 1st st where you just joined:

Chain 1 and first stitch


2. Pull up a long loop:

Crochet hook pulling up long loop


3. Remove loop from hook, insert hook into next st on Center Circle:

Hook into next stitch


4. Yarn over, pull yarn through the stitch, being careful not to pull the previous loop:

Pulling yarn through stitch

And now you're ready to ch 1, sc into same stitch, make another loop, and carry on around the circle, finishing your last loop as described above.