Crochet Twig Trees

Crochet twig trees are a new adventure for me! As you may know, I love trees - and this is a good way to combine the *idea* of a tree with the craft of crochet.

So, it's a new little project, and I have found a couple of very nice twigs which is all you need, plus a vase or some kind of pot or holder to put the twigs in.

My first tree is for Christmas, and I hope to use lots more of my crochet creations to make some lovely decorations for other occasions and moments throughout the year :)

Christmas Twig Tree

twigs with crochet flowers for christmas

A few twigs, ten or twelve little flowers that you can just pop onto the tree - what could be simpler?

Find links to all the flower patterns on my site that I used - some of them I have combined to make little 3-D flowers.


Valentine's Twig Tree

hearts and flowers on small twigs in a vase

Here we have hearts, flowers, and even a little heart garland around the vase - you could use ribbon or lace or a bow if you like to add a little more decor.

A lovely tree for a romantic or special occasion.