Budette is small and sweet - a useful little middle to add to the center of your other flowers.

Tiny pink circular bud


sc (UK dc)

Budette Pattern

Round 1: ch 2, 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook; do not join.

Round 2: ss into back loop of each of next 6 sts.

Keep your tension fairly loose, pulling up a slightly bigger loop than normal so that you can work into the next ss easily.

To tie off, snip your yarn and pull that working end gently through the loop - do not pull the yarn to tighten that stitch, just let it sit as it is! Weave this end from front to back through the back loop of the next ss then weave in gently.

You might want to leave the tail end for now as you may need to sew Budette onto another flower or combo later.

Optional Round 3 - pictured above:

Working one more round of ss makes Budette a tiny bit bigger while giving a richer, deeper effect.

Simply repeat Round 2 again by slip stitching into the back loop of each of the 6 ss you just worked. Notice how those stitches are lying a little bit curled into the center of the piece, so you are working around the very front edge.

Then tie off as above.