Flower Crochet Patterns

I love creating flower crochet patterns - dreaming up my own flowery shapes and working out how to get the petals looking just right, how many stitches go where, or even how to join the round neatly!

6 Petal Picot Flower

Another two rounder, very stylish with its elegant picot petals!

6 petal flower with picots


The Whirly Flower Crochet Pattern!

This lively little flower will cheer you up over a weekend!

It's fast and easy to make - only two rounds of crochet :) And it has bags of character!

I loved the way this flower came out, so hope you like it too.

A purple whirly flower applique


Bullion Stitch Flower

My written pattern and photo tutorial show you exactly how to make this dainty little flower.

Don't miss my bullion stitch tutorial if you're new to making bullions!

A small purple flower using a bullion stitch for each petal


The Pictotif

One motif, six little picots :) 

Use as a delicate embellishment all by itself.

Or join your picotifs together - I show you how.

Use thread weight yarn for smaller pieces, or go for a heavier weight such as aran to crochet up a coaster or scrubbie in almost no time ;)

Picot decorated flower in two colors


Little Leaves braid

Stylishly pointed leaves worked along a chain - easy and fun to do, and great for an edging or decorative feature.

Two green leafy braids


Ridge Edge Flower

Off we go with another circle and 3 ch loops worked around the outside. After that we crochet two rounds of slip stitches which create this ridged edging, making for a 3D effect flower.

Make a button flower if you like, as your button can sit beautifully in the middle.

A round flower with raised edges


Riffle Ruffle Flower

A larger and a smaller flower to crochet, both  joined together with a button of your choice to make a beautifully original applique or brooch.

I've also crocheted the two flowers in different colors and yarn weights with great success :)

Check out the pattern for how-tos and pix.

Two layer flower - the Riffle Ruffle flower!


The Bloom Lace Flower

Featuring a raised middle and a simple yet effective edging, this flower really is... blooming lovely!

Careful tension is needed to keep your stitches even, but the result is a super original piece that you will be proud of.

A deep red lacy edged circle, with a raised center


Grace's Flower

A simple circle started with a magic ring, then rectangular "petals" for the second round, followed by a third round of 5 ch loops crocheted around the rectangles.

Fun and easy to make, you might like to join your flowers together - find out how!

6 lacy petals on this flower


Loop Petal Flower

A flower crochet pattern with a difference!

Yes, I think you'll enjoy the construction of this piece - a chain of 19, with loops picked up along the chain then joined together with one long pull-through of the yarn - what a marvelous feeling!!!

Joined loops create the petals


Vintage Crochet Flower

This pretty flower is based on an "heirloom" mat that came into my possession recently.

It takes us back in time to cups of tea placed on pretty coasters :)

Taking this pattern further, you can also crochet the octagon flower below, which is the same flower pattern minus the picots plus a few more rounds.

Pink 8 petal flower in a vintage style


Vintage Crochet Flower Octagon

So we take off the picots from the Vintage Flower above, add four more rounds, and now we have a rather unusual flowery octagon, which I do believe would serve brilliantly as a mat for your favorite teapot :)

A vintage flower with an octagonal edging


Overlapping 6 Petal Flower

This flower crochet pattern is quite an adventure!

Lots of stitches worked into the loops of the first round, forcing the petals to overlap each other slightly.

Crochet flowers with overlapping petals


Classic 6 Petal Flower

An easy two-rounder. Pop a button in the middle for interest or combine with Anne's Fleurette below:

Two 6 petal flowers


Anne's Fleurette

This is such pretty little flower, so easy to make!

Transform your fleurettes into a brooch or necklace - I'll show you how!

A tiny pink crocheted flower


Five Petal Flower

Five petals worked in one round make a wonderful little project for you!

Use different weight yarns. Crochet them in sc, hdc or dc - that's dc, htr or tr for the UK-ers!

The same technique is used for them all - and they combine to make lovely layered flowers, too.

Three five petal flowers in different colors and yarns


Magic Ring Flower

A simple flower crochet pattern - and a fast project for those of you in a rush to add a little flower to something NOW!!!

With only one round to work, you make can a whole bunch of pretty blossoms.


Easy Lacy Shamrock Pattern

Just in time for St Patrick's Day, a quick and easy shamrock.

Make as an appliqué or chain together for a garland.

Full instructions and photo tutorial in both US and UK terminology.

A green shamrock crocheted using chain stitch