Flaming Picots

Flaming Picots has a lot of character with its twelve flames burning around a circle! Use the six bigger spaces to thread through parts of another flower. Alternatively, thread them between the two stitches that form the six "spokes" of this fiery wheel!

Burnt orange circle with twelve picots or flames around the outside


sc (UK dc)

dc (UK tr)

Picot: ch 3, ss into 2nd ch from hook, sc into next ch.

Flaming Picots Pattern

Round 1 - Inner Circle: ch 2, 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook; ss into 1st sc to join.

Round 2 - Outer Circle: ch 3 (counts as stitch); dc into same st where you joined; ch 3.

(2 dc into next st on Inner Circle, ch 3) 5 times.

Ss into top of 3 ch to join.

SM into the top of the 3 ch where you just joined, as we will join in here at the end of Round 3.

Round 3 - Flames: we work a flame on top of the first two stitches (your ch 3 and the first dc); then another flame on top of the 3-ch space.

*picot; ss into next dc on Outer Circle.

(ss, picot, ss) into next 3 ch space; ss into next dc*

Repeat from * to * 5 times, working your last ss into the top of the 3 ch you joined into at the end of Round 2 (stitch marked.)

Tie off; weave this end to the back through the same chain you joined into and then down and around the middle.