About CrochetLeaf.Com!

Camping in the UK!

Hi! My name's Claire. I'm from the UK and I started crocheting when I was about seven or eight years old :)

I took a long break in my twenties and thirties, did a little bit of crochet once my son was born, then stopped again for over a decade.

Me by the Black Sea

However, crochet called me back into its comforting fold, and now I'm addicted again!

It's sometimes a challenge finding the yarns I need for patterns, but I've got good at substituting.

I also love browsing eBay for patterns, and even download the odd crochet book from Amazon onto my Kindle, reading it on my iPod in bed late at night, or loading it up onto my Kindle for PC during the day.

Why is the site called Crochet Leaf?

Well, I have two other hobbies in my life - one is researching my family tree.

And the other is real trees!

Yep, you'll often find me in the local parks and gardens walking around with my camera, taking photos of various trees, their leaves, the bark, the seeds, their flowers, branches in winter, etc etc.

It's the leaves that really fascinate me. Isn't that strange?

So they are the inspiration behind my site's name!


A pomegranate

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle Tree


A Ginkgo leaf

Crochet and trees really complement each other, amazingly enough!

There's a connection between the world of nature and the craft of crochet in my mind...

So many of the patterns and forms we see outside are reflected in stitches or shapes we create with our crochet hooks.

You'll notice that I occasionally end my pages with a pic of a tree or plant that I think suits the topic of the page :)