Leaves on a Round

Leaves on a Round is crocheted with a solid center circle just right for adding the center flowers of your choice.

Six pink leaves surrounding a crocheted circle


sc (UK dc)

dc (UK tr)

Leaves on a Round Pattern

Round 1 - Center Circle: ch 4, 11 dc into 4th ch from hook; ss into top of ch 4 to join.

Round 2 - Leaves: ch 1, sc into same chain you joined into. SM this sc - we will work our final ss in here.

Ss into next st, which is your 1st dc from the last round.

*ch 3, dc into 3rd ch from hook. Now we have a thin space in between the 3 chain and the dc. We'll work into that space in a moment.

Ch 3, sc into 2nd ch from hook; (5 dc, 1 sc) into our space.

Sc into next st on center circle; ss into next st*

Repeat from * to * 4 times.

Last leaf: ch 3, dc into 3rd ch from hook; ch 3, sc into 2nd ch from hook; (5 dc, 1 sc) into space between 3 ch and dc; ss into 1st sc to join (stitch marked.)

Tie off; weave this end into the back at the base of the 1st leaf and then around the middle.