Pat a Cake

With Pat a Cake we work round and round without joining, filling the center of the ring with stitches while singing our nursery rhyme!

Small light blue flower


Only slip stitches, hooray!

Pat a Cake Pattern

Ch 4, ss into 4th ch from hook to make a ring; (ch 1, ss into ring) 20 times. You can work over your tail end if you like, automatically weaving it in as you go.

By around the 7th or 8th repeat you will start working over your previous stitches. Just keep working around, keeping your tension nice and light - and watch your flower bloom!

Tie off, leaving a longer end if you want to use this end to sew the piece to another flower; do not pull yarn tight, simply leave the last ss sitting in place as it is. Weave this end from front to back through the top two loops of the next st before weaving around the center.