Cosmic Crochet Coaster Pattern

The Cosmic Crochet Coaster pattern is a square, sunny, starry creation worked in 5 rounds:

Four Cosmic Coasters in a neat little pile!
The four coasters shown in magenta, green, blue and pink, each combined with a yellow sun pattern.

Worked in Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, worsted-weight, with a 4.00 mm (G) hook.

The coaster measures 4"/just over 10 cm across.

Colors used: Lemon, Denim, Mint, Magenta, Rose.

The pattern is written in US terms, so here are the UK equivalents:

sc = UK dc

dc = UK tr

I find it easier to weave in each end every time I tie off. I gently tighten the knot, then thread the tail end from front to back under the top two loops of the next stitch before weaving the end into the back.

For example, here's where I thread that working end through when finishing the last round:

How to weave in the tail ends

The Cosmic Crochet Coaster Tutorial

Round 1: In color A, ch 4 (counts as a stitch); 11 dc into 4th chain from hook.

(12 stitches worked)

Join with a ss into top of 4 ch. Tie off.

Round 2: Join color B into the space between any 2 stitches. I made a slip knot, then pulled the loop through to the right side of the work:

Joining into Round 2 with contrasting yarn

ch 3 (counts as a stitch at start of round for this pattern); dc into same space:

Starting Round 2.

(2 dc into next space between stitches) 11 times. (24 stitches worked.)

Join with a ss into top of 3 ch. Tie off:

Round 2 finished - a yellow circle surrounded by dark blue.

Round 3:

Join color A between any two stitches that are worked together into a space - so, into the "V" shape:

Joining yellow into the blue at the start of Round 3.

ch 3, 2 dc into same space:

Starting Round 3.

(skip next space, 3 dc into next "V" shape) 11 times. (36 stitches worked.)

Join with a ss into top of ch 3. Tie off:

The end of Round 3.

Round 4: In this round, a "space" means the space between each group of 3 stitches.

So - join color B into your first space:

Joining blue into yellow at the beginning of Round 4.

ch 1, 3 sc into same space:

Working Round 4.

ch 1; 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc into next space:

Crocheting the corner

*(ch 1, 3 sc next space) 2 times; ch 1; 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc next space*

Repeat from * to * twice.

ch 1; 3 sc next space, ch 1, ss into 1st sc to join:

Round 4 finished

To check your stitch count, check for your 6 dc in each corner separated by 3 ch; and your two groups of 3 sc on each side with the 1 ch spaces around them :)

Round 5: ss into next 2 stitches, ss into 1 ch space.

ch 3; 2 dc into same space:

Starting Round 5, continuing in blue

(7 dc into next 3 ch space; 3 dc into each of next three 1 ch spaces) 3 times.

7 dc into next 3 ch space; 3 dc into each of next two 1 ch spaces; join with a ss into top of 1st dc.

(64 stitches worked):

The end of Round 5

If you enjoyed crocheting your Cosmic Coasters, you might like to add a few rounds to the coaster pattern here on this page and make....

A Plain Edged or Lacy Edged Cosmic Square :)

Yes - you can transform your coaster into a larger  Cosmic Crochet Square!

Work Rounds 1- 5 of the coaster pattern above, then continue to make either the plain edged square... or the lacy edged one:

Like Working in Thread?

The Cosmic Square in size 10 thread with a lacy edging works up smaller, and is just the right size for an original and beautiful coaster:

Or Crochet a Flowery Cosmic Coaster!

Check out the full pattern for the Flowery Cosmic Coaster, which is an absolute delight to make: