Bobbly sports its petally bobbles around a circular center. An interesting and very satisfying flower to crochet, if I may say so! You can attach a smaller flower to its middle - as well as adding something to the back, threading longer parts through the holes next to the bobbles.

Salmon pink crochet flower with bobbles for petals


dc (UK tr)


(yo, hook into ch, yo, pull yarn through ch. Yo, pull yarn through first two loops on hook) 5 times.

Yo, pull yarn through all six loops on hook (your five bobble stitches plus your original loop on the hook.)

Here's my page about how to crochet bobble stitch if you'd like some bobble practice!

Bobbly Pattern

Round 1 - Circle: ch 4, 12 dc into 4th ch from hook; skip the starting 4 chain and ss into 1st dc to join. You can SM this ss as you'll join into it at the end.

Round 2 - Petals: *ch 4, bobble into 4th ch from hook; ch 4, skip next st on Circle, ss into next st*

Repeat from * to * 5 times, working your final ss into the joining ss from Round 1 (stitch marked.)

Tie off; weave this end into the back starting just below the beginning of the 1st petal.