Loopy Bullion

Loopy Bullion is a six point flower with bullion petals and little loops between them! Six loops to thread other flower parts through, as well as the spaces under the bullions. Attach other flowers through either set of spaces - one front to back, another from the back to the front, for example -  before adding a middle.

Cream six point flower with bullions at the ends of the points and loops in between


dc (UK tr)

Bullion: wrap yarn 6 times around hook. Insert hook into ch, yo, pull loop through ch; pull this loop through all wraps and original loop on hook.

If necessary, check out my tutorial on how to crochet bullion stitch!

If you only need a quick reminder, here's one of the videos from that page showing you how I work a 5-wrap bullion - but do remember that in the pattern below we are using 6 wraps :)

Loopy Bullion Pattern

Round 1 - Center Circle: ch 4, 12 dc into 4th ch from hook.

Skip starting 4 ch and ss into 1st dc to join.

SM this ss as this is where we will work our last ss in Round 2.

Round 2 - Bullion Loops and Mini Loops:

*ch 8, bullion into 4th ch from hook; ch 5, ss into same st on center circle where you began.

Ch 5, skip next st on center circle, ss next st*

Repeat from * to * 5 times, working your last ss into the joining ss from Round 1 (stitch marked.)

Tie off; thread this end into the back base of the 1st bullion loop and weave in.

You can give this piece a gentle press on the wrong side (don't want to squash the bullions) to get the shape just right.