Fleurette Brooch

Make a pretty brooch made up of three crocheted flowers.

me wearing my brooch

Use any combo of yarns and hooks to make your small, medium and larger flower. You'll also need a brooch pin.

I used:

  • thread weight Altin Basak
  • sports weight - Vanna's Glamour, which gives some lovely sparkle to the flower
  • Fingering - Paton's 100% cotton 4 ply

Basically, you need three different yarns of three different weights - one a lighter weight, the next a heavier weight, the third a heavier weight still.

materials for crocheting brooch

Each flower starts with a magic ring. If this is new to you, see my info about it here.

1: Crochet your smallest flower

Make your smallest flower with your lightest weight yarn.

Follow the pattern for Anne's Fleurette.

Weave in the working end, but leave a few inches of the tail at the back for sewing things up later:

small flower

2: Make your middle flower

Make your middle flower with your next heaviest yarn and weave in the ends.

Follow the same pattern as in Step 1 above:

small and medium flowers

3: How to crochet the third flower

For the third flower, I crocheted the same pattern but with 9 petals.

This is worked in your heaviest weight yarn.

Here's how to do it:

Make your magic ring.

Round 1: Chain 1. You will make a slip stitch into this at the end. Use a stitch marker if you need to keep an eye on it.

Work 8 sc (UK dc) into ring

Slip stitch into the chain you made at the beginning, making your 9th stitch

Round 2: Chain 4, slip stitch into first stitch

(Chain 4, slip stitch into next stitch) all the way round to make 9 petals. Weave in ends.

all 3 flowers

4: Join your flowers!

Thread your needle with the tail end at the back of the smallest flower and sew through the middle of the each of the flowers.

Then sew a couple more times up and down the center of the flowers to join them firmly together.

combined flower with smallest on top

For those of you making the Fleurette Necklace, stop here and return to that tutorial to make your necklace chain!

5: Turn your flower into a brooch :)

Attach your brooch pin:

reverse view of flower with brooch pin

And there we are! Have fun making and wearing your brooch! Or crochet up a few for gifts :)

two little brooches I have just made