The Dragontail crochet flower is full of story and character: six tails around a hexagon base. You can thread your tails through the holes of another flower and add a middle, as well as thread parts from another flower through the holes in the tails themselves!

Dark green flower with six dragontails as petals


sc (UK dc)

dc (UK tr)

Dragontail Pattern

The dragontails are worked around a circle. Each tail consists of a leg with three picots at the end to form the tail tips. Then you slip stitch down along the bottom four chain of the leg and join into the same stitch you started from.

And yes ... we have tails on legs ... that's the creativity of crochet!

Round 1 - Center Circle:

ch 4, 11 dc into 4th ch from hook.

Skip starting 4 ch and sc into 1st dc to join.

SM this sc if you like - we will make our final ss into this st.

Round 2 - Tails:

*ch 7, 2 sc into 2nd ch from hook - 1st picot made.

Ch 3, 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook - 2nd picot made.

Ch 3, 2 sc into 2nd ch from hook - 3rd picot made.

Ch 1, skip all picots, skip next ch after 1st picot worked, 1 ss into each of next 4 ch on leg;

sc into same st on center circle where you began the tail**;

sc into each of next 2 sts of circle*

Repeat from * to * 4 times so that you have 5 dragontails.

Last tail: work from *  to ** only. Then ss into the next st, which is your joining sc from the last round (stitch marked.)

Tie off; thread this end from front to back through the bottom right-hand corner of the 1st leg and then weave in.

A gentle iron is recommended for this piece just to shape the tails a little more firmly.

And ... our Dragontail had a baby :) A similar pattern but shaped a little differently:

Check out the Dragontail Baby pattern!