New Crochet Patterns & Ideas from Crochet Leaf

Here you'll find my latest or even greatest crochet patterns, site updates, and other interesting bits and bobs!

Picot Edge Coaster in Crochet

My Picot Edge Coaster is crocheted in 4 rounds and works up nice and quickly!

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The Royal Coaster Crochet Pattern

My Royal Coaster contains petals and crown shapes, and can be edged with gold! Full written instructions and photo tutorial.

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Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

My free crochet coaster patterns have been great fun to design! I hope you have fun crocheting them :)

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The Crochet Leaflet Newsletter

This is where to sign up for my newsletter here at Crochet Leaf dot com!

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The Original Vintage Flower

This pretty vintage mat gave me an idea for a flower! Full tutorial with pix to help you along.

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Vintage Crochet Flower Octagon

An 8 round octagon pattern, which features my vintage flower in the middle.

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An Easy Crochet Butterfly Pattern

A sweet and very easy crochet butterfly pattern that you can make in minutes!

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Penny Farthing Applique

penny fathing crochet applique

For those of you who love a little Victorian inspiration - a penny farthing true to the shape of that magnificent bicyle! Photo tutorial here :)

Riffle Ruffle Flower Crochet Pattern

Two ruffled crochet flowers joined together create this pretty, vintage style pattern!

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Crochet a Beautiful Chainlace Bracelet

An easy crochet bracelet that works up in minutes! I also show you how to add beads for a stunning effect.

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