Crochet Grace's Flowers Together

If you enjoyed making Grace's Flower, you might want to make a few more and join them together as you go!

Six crocheted flowers joined to the 7th flower in the centerSeven flowers joined!

I used lace-weight yarn and a 1.75 mm hook for this piece.

The individual flowers measure 1¾"/4½ cm across; the whole piece is 5½"/14 cm across.

It's very easy to join as you go.

Remember how you ch 5 for the top loop of a petal?

Well, here, we're going to ch 2; make a ss join into the middle chain of the 5 ch loop at the top of another petal; then ch 2, before returning to the pattern and working a ss back into the top space of our petal on the flower we're crocheting.

To make everything crystal clear, I'll take you through what I did step by step.

Step 1: Make the Center Flower!

Make your first flower:

White Grace's Flower

Step 2: Join your 2nd Flower

Crochet a second flower. At the end of round 3, you come to your last petal.

Following the pattern, make your first ss into the top space of the petal; ch 2:

2 ch made, ready to join pink flower to white flower

Lay your two flowers right-side up next to each other.

Then insert your hook from right side to wrong side through the middle chain of the top 5 ch loop of any petal from your center flower.

I slightly pull apart that 5 ch loop on my white flower to see exactly where the center ch is.

Here we go, into the chain, keeping our yarn behind that white petal:

hook into middle chain of other petal

Then make a ss: yarn round hook, pull yarn through the center chain and through the loop on your hook:

ss made

Next, ch 2:

ch 2

Then, following the pattern once more, ss into the top space of your 2nd flower, then finish Round 3:

Completed join of pink flower to white flower

Step 3: Join your 3rd flower

With our 3rd flower, we'll make two joins - one into the 2nd flower, one into the center flower.

I'm going to join my 5th petal to the other pink flower, and my 6th petal to the white center flower.

I've stitch marked the center chain of the tops of my petals, so I know exactly where I'm going:

Joining the 3rd flower

Same as before, ss into top space as per pattern, ch 2 :

Preparing to join pink flower to pink!

Hook from right side to wrong side through top center ch of other petal:

Hook into center chain of other flower

Make your ss join:

ss made

Ch 2; ss back into the top space of your flower as per pattern again:

ch 2

Work around to the top of your last petal, then after your ch 2, hook into next petal of center flower:

Joining into the white flower

Work your ss, then ch 2 and ss as usual back into the top of your petal; then finish the round.

Two joins made

Step 4: Joining the 4th, 5th and 6th flowers

Work exactly as you did for Step 3, joining the 5th and 6th petals as you go:

White center flower with 3 pink flowers joined
Four flowers around center flower
Five flowers joined to center

Step 5: Join the 7th flower

The last flower needs three joins!

Work three complete petals of your flower, then join the 4th petal into the petal of the flower on one side, the 5th petal into the center flower, and the 6th petal into the petal of the flower on the other side:

Stitch markers showing 3 joins

And here's our center flower, each petal connected to the flowers around it:

Detail of center joins

And now I'm wondering whether to add more flowers ;)

Hope you found this tutorial useful! Do stay in touch with me through Facebook, or pop back here again when you can.

If you'd like to try joining some crochet squares, check out my 4 Petal Flower Square pattern and find out how I joined my squares with slip stitch:

Four crochet squares with flowers in the middle