My Crochet Tips and Techniques

These crochet tips are inspired by various designs on the site, as well as some of my own thoughts - and do check out my crochet stitches guide for how to work those.

How to crochet a magic ring

A roundup of the best online resources for learning to make a magic ring - as well as my own tips on using this technique.

magic ring circle crocheted in blue


How to Join Grace's Flowers

A join as you go method for crocheting flowers together!

The flower pattern can be found here.

A center white flower with its 6 petals joined to 6 outer pink flowers


How to join crochet squares

See how I use slip stitch to join these four squares together.

My 4 Petal Flower pattern was used to make the squares.

4 squares joined


How to organize crochet supplies

Stash here... stash there... stash everywhere!

Find out what I do to keep the whole thing under control ;)

balls of yarn in freezer bags


How to crochet around a leaf

This project was an adventure!

Here's an idea you can use to make a lovely hanging leaf for your window, for a leafy display, or as an embellishment.

a leaf edged with two rounds of crochet loops


How to make crochet cards

A little more leafy delight here, with a selection of various appliqués used to make a "Bon Voyage" card.

card with penny farthing, bike and flowers


The joy of stitch markers

Yes indeed - stitch markers are incredibly useful things, so let me tell you how I use them!

Stitch marker for continuous rounds