Loopy Loop

Loopy Loop is a crochet flower made of chains and a few slip stitches.

There is a six-petal version or a 12-petal version for the more adventurous!

Make a small flower with the 3-ch Loopy Loop - or larger such as the 14-ch Loopy Loop!

The flower below is an 11-ch Loopy Loop:

dark blue loopy loop flower


Just chain ... and slip stitch!

Check the Info Page for abbreviations, special terms etc.

6 Petal Loopy Loop Pattern

Ch 12, ss into 12th ch from hook; (ch 11, ss into same ch) 5 times.

Tie off; weave this end around back center of flower a couple of times, starting at the bottom of the 1st loop.

Smaller variations

I call the flower above an 11 chain Loopy Loop. Now for some little brothers and sisters!

3 chain Loopy Loop: ch 4, ss into 4th ch from hook; (ch 3 and ss into the same ch) 5 times.

4 chain Loopy Loop: ch 5, ss into 5th ch from hook; (ch 4 and ss into the same ch) 5 times.

6 chain Loopy Loop: ch 7, ss into 7th ch from hook; (ch 6 and ss into the same ch) 5 times.

...and so on!

A larger variation

14 chain Loopy Loop: ch 15, ss into 15th ch from hook; (ch 14 and ss into the same ch) 5 times.

12 Petal Loopy Looper!

Simply work 12 petals for a richer effect :)