How to Make Crochet Cards

My first adventure into the land of crochet cards involved a Bon Voyage card for a friend.

I found some of my appliqués and leaves from some hand made paper, and dug out some glue.

Needless to say, I made this in a great rush, as assembling my bits and pieces took longer than I thought. I would have liked to add a little more detail to the card itself, but it actually looked very pretty without anything else added:

Card decorated with penny farthing, bike, flower appliques and leaves

As the theme was travel, I used the Penny Farthing Appliqué and the Crochet Bike patterns, as well as some Five Petal Flowers.

I have to admit, I had no idea what kind of glue would do the job quickly - so I plumped for super glue, which may not be the best idea for fabric and paper, but I had no time to test anything else (I think I do have some fabric glue somewhere, so must try another project like this soon!)

So I arranged my flowers, bikes and leaves and then stuck them on the card.

Then I turned my attention to the inside:

inside of card with leaf and greeting

I chose to add another leaf from my paper, rather than add more crochet, as the card might not have closed properly. Then a short message, my name, and the card was done!

I'm looking forward to making some more cards soon, and when I do, I'll add them to this page.