Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

My free crochet coaster patterns have been great fun to design! I hope you have fun crocheting them.

You'll also find my doily patterns here :)

 Simple Spiral

Joining at the end of every round, it's easy to keep track of where you are so that you can make an elegant coaster working as many rounds as you need depending on your chosen yarn :)

White spiral coaster


A Lacy Crochet Coaster

Five rounds starting with a magic ring and ending with chain loops.

Quick and easy to work, you won't want to stop. And you don't have to - because you can carry on and create the doily below!

Lacy round pink coaster


Lacy Crochet Doily Pattern

Although the first five rounds are the same as the coaster above, the full pattern for this doily/placemat has its own page to make things easier (I hope!)

Lacy round doily


Picot Edge Coaster

Four rounds, starting with trebles (UK double trebles) to get us off to a quick start! The picots around the edge are so pretty, a great look for this worsted weight cotton.


The Rep Crochet Doily Pattern

Three sizes of repeated stitches make this striking doily, which also looks very attractive worked in one color for the body and a different color for the last couple of rounds.

The Rep Doily in four colors


The Royal Coaster

Here's a right royal coaster to crochet, worked with either a gold edging or without, in one color or many, quite customizable!

This pattern uses size 10 thread and Goldfingering for the gold edging - but if you don't have any gold thread, you can work in just one color or create your own design, as I did:


The X Coaster

Two rounds worked in one color for the center square, then six rounds in another color for the X shape and edging, this makes a pretty and original little mat!

The X Coaster in blue and pink.


Cosmic Coaster

A five-rounder, worked in two colors - or more, if you like! It's fairly quick to whip up, and if you need to make it a little bigger, I show you how to add rounds to make the Cosmic Crochet Square - choose from a plain or a lacy edge!

Cosmic Coaster Pattern


Flowery Cosmic Coaster

Six rounds worked in sports-weight yarn here, and the first three rounds are exactly the same as the original Crochet Coaster above!

Flowery Cosmic Coaster


And one thing leads to another!

This is the Flowery Cosmic Coaster pattern worked in thread with a super interesting-to-work edging!

Zig-Zag Edging Pattern

More Ideas for Crochet Coaster Patterns

Here are some more free patterns on the site which you might like to use to make coasters or mats for jugs or teapots.

These first two are the same pattern, but with two different edgings:


And more variations on a pattern in these two vintage creations:


My "bigger" Summer Sun pattern could work well for an interesting coaster or mat, too:

Big summer sun