Wiggly is a hyperbolic-style creation with a mind of its own! Six wiggly petals - or leaves - or stems - means you can use your imagination to combine with my other flowers.

Six purple wiggly stems or leaves around a crocheted circle


sc (UK dc)

Wiggly Pattern

Crochet your chains with a relaxed tension (although not too loose) so that it's easier to work two stitches into each chain.

Step 1: ch 11, skip 1st ch from hook, 2 sc into each of next 9 ch, 1sc into last ch. This last chain is your home stitch.

Step 2: *ch 10, skip 1st ch from hook, 2 sc in each of next 9 ch, 1 sc into home*

Repeat from * to * 4 times.

Now work a ss into home just to make things nice and secure.

Tie off; weave this end into the back at the base of the 1st leg and then around the middle.