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The Original Vintage Flower

This pretty vintage mat gave me an idea for a flower! Full tutorial with pix to help you along.

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Vintage Crochet Flower Octagon

An 8 round octagon pattern, which features my vintage flower in the middle.

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An Easy Crochet Butterfly Pattern

A sweet and very easy crochet butterfly pattern that you can make in minutes!

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Penny Farthing Applique

penny fathing crochet applique

For those of you who love a little Victorian inspiration - a penny farthing true to the shape of that magnificent bicyle! Photo tutorial here :)

Riffle Ruffle Flower Crochet Pattern

Two ruffled crochet flowers joined together create this pretty, vintage style pattern!

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Crochet a Beautiful Chainlace Bracelet

An easy crochet bracelet that works up in minutes! I also show you how to add beads for a stunning effect.

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Crochet a Buttonbraid Bracelet

Here's my tutorial on how to crochet a lovely braided bracelet with a button attachment.

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Easy Crochet Chain Braids

A set of easy braids to crochet, just working along the chain with simple stitches. Add some beads for a fab effect!

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The Empress Matilda Bracelet

Here's a quick and easy crochet bracelet pattern dedicated to Empress Matilda!

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Have Fun Crocheting Braids and Cords!

I am fascinated by crochet braids and cord work. I hope you enjoy my free patterns, pix, and ideas.

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How to Felt Crochet

Here are my adventures with felting crochet! Find out how to do it and get ideas for what to create.

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Crochet a Lacy Heart Garland

Crocheted in one piece, this lacy heart garland is a delight to make!

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How to Crochet Bobble Stitch

Want to crochet bobble stitch? Start with a three stitch bobble, then one with five stitches, and then one with seven!

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Crochet a Silver Star Ornament - Free Pattern

How to crochet a star using silvery thread to make a pretty ornament or decoration.

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Making a Magic Ring or Loop in Crochet

Let's look at crochet's magic ring - how to do it and how to use it.

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Crochet the Fleurette Brooch!

See how I make this very pretty little brooch using three crochet flowers.

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Crochet an Easy Little Flower: Anne's Fleurette

Make a pretty crochet flower in minutes in any yarn you like :)

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Crochet a Summer Sun!

An eight point sun to crochet. This free pattern contains instructions and pictures of how I did it.

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Photo Gallery of my Basic Crochet Heart

I've worked these hearts in a variety of yarns, so check 'em all out!

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