Vintage Crochet is *FUN*!

You know, if you're a complete beginner, why not try a vintage crochet pattern with your favorite hook and yarn just to see how it goes?

Then you can work the same pattern with a smaller hook and finer yarn.

Digging around in the vintage world is fascinating. It gives you an insght into the history of crochet, and you'll find yourself marvelling at the amazing skill of women long ago who were just like us - trying to create something beautiful for their homes or for clothes and accessories.

In this section of the site, I'm going to show you what I've found out about vintage crochet. I've attempted smaller, easier projects, and will guide you through what I did.

I'd also like to show you some fascinating glimpses of my small collection of books and magazines, as well as some ideas you can find online.

I've just finished a project for a vintage motif:

Take a look at how I worked this Tidy Pattern!

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