The Flowery Cosmic Crochet Coaster!

This is a circular variation of the original Cosmic Coaster, and I'm very pleased with it!

Flowery Cosmic Coaster

Worked in Lion Brand Bonbons, sports-weight, and a 3.75 mm (F) hook

The coaster measures 4½"/11 cm across.

The first three rounds are worked in exactly the same way as the Cosmic Coaster, where I have written a full photo tutorial. The only difference is that I have used three different colors for these first three rounds.

So if you need to see the photo tutorial for the first 3 rounds, do check out that page!

I've added photos below for rounds 4 - 6.

Round 1: In color A, ch 4 (counts as a stitch); 11 dc into 4th chain from hook. (12 stitches worked.)

Join with a ss into top of 4 ch. Tie off.

Round 2:

Join color B into the space between any 2 stitches. I made a slip knot, then pulled the loop through to the right side of the work; ch 3 (counts as stitch at start of round for this pattern); dc into same space.

(2 dc into next space between stitches) 11 times. (24 stitches worked.)

Join with a ss into top of 3 ch. Tie off.

Round 3:

Join color C between any two stitches that are worked together into a space - so, into the "V" shape; ch 3, 2 dc into same space.

(skip next space, 3 dc into next "V" shape) 11 times. (36 stitches worked.)

Join with a ss into top of 3 ch. Tie off - and here is the result:

The first three roundsThe first three rounds.

In Round 4, a "space" means the space between each group of 3 stitches.

Round 4: So - join color D into the space between any group of 3 stitches:

Joining in color round 4Joining in Round 4

ch 3, 2 dc into same space.

(ch 2, 3 dc into next space) 11 times.

ch 2, ss into top of 3 ch. Tie off:

End of round 4Round 4 finished!

Round 5: Join color E into any 2-ch space:

Joining in for round 5Joining in Round 5

ch 1, sc into same space.

(ch 5, sc into next 2-ch space) 11 times.

ch 5, ss into 1st sc:

End of round 5The end of Round 5 - I kept the same color for the next round.

Round 6: ch 3, 7 dc into same stitch you joined into; ss into 5 ch space:

Continuing round 6 in same colorThe first petal and ss in Round 6

(8 dc into next sc; ss into next 5-ch space) 11 times.

Here we are working around the circle:

Working the petals of round 6

To finish, join with a ss into top of 3 ch.

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