How to Crochet Bobble Stitch

Bobbles are my latest "thing!" Here you can find out how to make them, as well as discovering a few tips that will come in handy.

Let's start with a three stitch bobble:

chain and start of stitch

Step 1: Chain 15

Yarn round hook, hook into 8th chain from hook, pull through yarn.

When I work into the chain stitch, I insert my hook under the top two loops of the chain in this pattern.

Three loops on hook.

two loops on hook

Step 2: Yarn round hook, pull through the first two loops on hook.

Two loops now on hook.

four loops

Step 3: Yarn round hook, insert hook into same chain stitch, pull yarn through.

Four loops on hook.

3 loops

Step 4: Yarn round hook, pull through first two loops on hook.

Three loops now on hook.

5 loops

Step 5: Yarn round hook, insert into same chain stitch, pull through yarn.

Five loops on hook.

4 loops

Step 6: Yarn round hook, pull through first two loops on hook.

Four loops on hook: your initial loop, and three stitches for this bobble.

pulling yarn through all loops on hook

Step 7: Now hold your four loops nice and straight!

Yarn round hook again, and draw the yarn all the way through the four loops.

completed bobble stitch

There! A three stitch bobble!

In some patterns, you might be done. In others, you'll need to make a chain, so....

chain after bobble

Chain 1.

This secures the bobble nicely.

Crochet a bigger bobble!

5 stitch bobble

This is a five stitch bobble, with a chain at the top.

You simply continue after Step 6: yarn round hook, insert hook into stitch, pull yarn through, yarn round hook, pull yarn through first two loops on hook.

Repeat once more.

Then yarn round hook, pull through all loops on hook.

7 stitch bobble

In the picture on the left, we have a seven stitch bobble!

This also has one chain worked after I finished the bobble.

Working into the back of the chain that secures the bobble.

stitch marker showing loop at back of chain

Sometimes I crochet into the back of the chain that may be worked to secure the bobble.

My stitch marker shows you where this is. It actually runs along the top loops of your bobble, holding it together.

3 ch worked after stitch

Here I have made three chain after finishing my bobble.

seven dc worked into loop

Then I worked seven dc (UK tr) into the back of the chain.

The back of the chain looks small at first, but work some stitches into it and it soon grows!

My heart garland pattern uses this technique.

The two sides of a bobble:

pretty pink and even bobble

This is the front. An even look.

more rugged but also very pretty bobble at back

This is the back, with an attractive ridged effect.

OK - I hope you have fun practising bobbles! Now you're an expert, why not try making some of my...

crochet bobble braids!

bobble braids

There are six to choose from - you can start with the simple bobble braid which is a chain, then a bobble, then a chain, and so on :)


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