The Buttonbraid Bracelet

Work along one side of a chain... down the other side... pop on a button - and you're done!

The bracelets in the top two pix are worked with sport weight yarn and a 3 mm hook.

You can use a simple button like this:

pink buttonbraid bracelet

Work a couple and wear them both!

pink and purple bracelets worn side by side

Or feature a favorite button on a thread weight yarn as I have done here:

a fine, lacy bracelet with a bigger button

You can omit the button and the button loop and simply work this up as a braided edging or bookmark.

Work Step 1, then turn to work down the other side of your braid - here's how:

Skip the triangle you just made, and sc (UK dc) into the "little gap" of the next triangle as shown by the stitch marker in the photo of Step 5.

Then work Steps 6 - 8 and weave in ends.

Buttonbraid bracelet photo tutorial

Step 1: *ch 2, 2 sc (UK dc) into 2nd chain from hook*

In this pattern, when working your sc (UK dc) into the chain, insert your hook under the top two loops of the chain stitch.

This makes for much better defined triangles and avoids spaces within the pattern.

Repeat from * to * for pattern, for as long as you want your braid/bracelet to be.

Step 2: Check the fit around your wrist.

Work until you have a braid long enough to go around your wrist, plus a little overlap.

If your yarn is quite stretchy, you don't need much overlap.

Step 3: Now we will make the loop for the button.

My button is quite small, so I'm going to chain 3 - I think that will allow the button through comfortably.

You might have to chain 4 or 5 or more depending on the size of your button.

Step 4: Now make 2 ch more.

Work 2 sc (UK dc) into the 2nd chain from hook.

You can see my three chain for the button loop between the last two little triangles.

Step 5: Now we crochet down the other side of our braid.

Skip the triangle you just made and your button loop chain.

Work 1 sc (UK dc) into the little gap on the left of the next triangle.

I have put a stitch marker in the correct spot!

I will henceforth refer to this spot as... "the little gap!"

It's actually the stitch you worked two sc (UK dc) into.

This is how things should look:

Now we're on the final run! Off we go...

Step 6: *ch 2, 2 sc (UK dc) into 2nd chain from hook, 1 sc (UK dc) into the little gap of the next triangle.*

Repeat from * to * until you reach the last triangle to be worked.

Step 7: ch 2, 2 sc (UK dc) into 2nd chain from hook.

Now ss to join into your very first stitch at the beginning of your braid next to the slip knot.

I've put a stitch marker into that stitch to show you where to ss.

Step 8: To make things more secure, slip stitch again into the next stitches, as shown by the stitch marker - or wherever you think is tidiest.

Step 9: Cut your yarn leaving a tail long enough to sew your button onto this end of your braid.

Weave the yarn tail down to where you aim to sew your button.

Step 10: Sew on your button and weave both ends of the yarn into the back of your braid.

And here's your completed Buttonbraid Bracelet! Button on one end, button loop on the other!

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