How to Print the Patterns

I have taken off the Print Friendly button from my pages - a thousand apologies.

The reason is that the Print Friendly free service on websites does not guarantee your privacy under the new GDPR guidelines for website privacy :(

So what can you do?

You can easily install the Print Friendly browser extension - that's what I have done. That way you can print any page on the web from your browser. Click on their "Install Browser Extension" link.

Alternatively, use the same link to Print Friendly above, and copy and paste the page's URL from your address bar into their URL box. Click "Preview" then print, email the page, or download it as a PDF.

The other option...

is to print the page directly from your browser.

As I say, I'm very sorry about having to remove the quickest and easiest option for printing the page, but I need to abide by the law - and thank you for helping me do that!